Folkets musik/ SVT

4 oktober, 2017

In the inspiring new format “Music of the People”, bands who are migrants to a host country or from a different cultural heritage, interpret a well-known song from a famous local star, with extraordinary results that bring a whole nation together.


Hockeylaget/ SVT

11 april, 2017

Hephata hockey team consist of both hearing impaired and deaf players.


Skitlycklig/ SVT

11 april, 2017

Linn tries to find happiness again after her boyfriend Vincent left her.


Tova testar vuxenlivet/ SVT

21 december, 2016

A series about 17-year-old Tova who tries out the adult life.

En natt på slottet

En natt på slottet/ Sjuan

20 december, 2016

In A Night at the Castle four celebrities spends a night in a haunted castle together with a medium.


Meet The fooo/ MTV

1 augusti, 2016

A documentary serie from 2014 about the Swedish boy band ”The fooo” shown on MTV.


Alex hittar hobbyn/ Barnkanalen

3 mars, 2015

Follow Alex Hermansson when he meets children and tries out their hobbies.

Äntligen Hemma. 2013. Martin Timell.

Familjer på äventyr/ SVT

2 mars, 2015

In the brand new format Family Adventures we meet four families who have sold all their belongings and moved to the other side of the world, in search of the good life.